As part of our Total Truth: Stories sermon series at Church of the Rock North End Campus, we are launching our new Stories Series which will tell the stories of members of our church. Our prayer is that these stories would encourage Christians and show people the power of God to change the story people are living. We all have a story, this story makes most sense in light of God’s story. Submitting our stories to the story the Author is writing, not only changes the ending but it changes the present.

Our stories have power through the Holy Spirit to change the stories of others as their stories become a part of God’s story. Don’t keep your story to yourself, it might just change someone else’s, and no matter what your story is it is not finished until it ends, there is always a chance for your story to change if you give it over to the Author and allow him to write the rest of it.

Here is part of Gerry’s story, I pray it it impacts yours.

Thanks to Harrison for filming and editing.