This weeks video takes a look at James 1:13-16 and how we always want to place the blame for our sin and messed up lives on everyone and everything, rather than taking responsibility for our own actions; which flow from our own sinful desires. We are tempted to sin because of the sinful desires of our heart, so it is our heart that we need to deal with first; not the external circumstances or people in our life.

The good new is that no matter what temptation comes our way, we have the power through the Holy Spirit and faith in Jesus to resist and overcome every temptation (1Cor. 10:13). We never have any excuses to sin because God has promised that He always makes a way out of temptation, which means when we give into temptation it is because we have chosen not to take the way out.

The sooner we take responsibility for our sinful actions and understand that temptation comes form our desires, the sooner we can deal with our heart and overcome those tempting thoughts and desires and not end up falling into the sin that they are leading us to.