This week we’re looking at James 1:5-8 and the importance of wisdom in our pursuit to become mature Christians. True wisdom starts with understanding what the true source is; Proverbs clearly says that the beginning of wisdom is the fear of the Lord. Unless we learn to trust in God completely we will always be lacking in wisdom and therefore maturity because we will be receiving from the wrong source. God is the ground of wisdom which is often different from our initial thought of what is wise. The prime example of this is Jesus on the cross. Our worldly wisdom says that Jesus dying on the cross for sins is foolish, yet Jesus on the cross is the perfect display of God’s wisdom and an understanding that surpasses our own.

Rather than leaning on our own understanding or lack there of – especially in trials – we to trust in God and ask for wisdom to see things from his perspective and then trust he will answer our prayers and to fully submit to his answer and direction.

As we grow in wisdom and maturity we are able to withstand the waves of the sea without getting tossed around and disoriented because our faith is planted firmly in who God is and wanting what He wants.