This week we are wrapping up the series on work both at church on Sunday mornings and with the vlogs. This weeks sermon was all about how God’s work through Jesus has redeemed those who have placed their trust in Jesus, and how we as redeemed people work together with God to redeem His creation. We often ask the wrong questions and therefore come up with wrong answers and actions. For example we like to ask things like “can I do this?” or “is it really sin if I do that?” or “is it okay if I do this?” It’s not that these are necessarily bad questions, it’s just that we ask them with the wrong motives. We generally try to do as little as possible or get as close to the line as possible without actually going over it.

A better question to ask would be the question Paul tells the church of Ephesus to ask in Ephesians 5:16; “is what I’m doing the best use of my time?” If you don’t know if it is then, a second question to help you determine what actually is the best use of your time would be to ask the question Paul tells the church in Corinth to ask in 1 Corinthians 10:31; “is what I’m doing and how I’m doing it for the glory of God or the glory of self?”